Instructions - How it works

Creating a banner, sign, or decal is quick and easy. iMAXsigns design tool is made to be simple and very friendly. If you have your own design that you owuld like to upload, click the Add Image to upload your design. If you have selected one of our templates, follow the instructions below to update the design.

  1. To Change Text - Click the text to edit and the design tool will display edit options on the right sisde. You can change the text, fonts, size, add shadow or rotate. Click the update button to see your new text changes.
  2. Delete Text or Images - Click the itemt o delete then above the tool click on the delete button. Deleted items cannot be restored.
  3. Change Position - To change the position of any element on your design, click on it and move with your mouse.
  4. Add Text, Image or Change Background Color - Click on appropriate the button above the tool and the editor will appear on the right side. Uploaded images cannot be edited but you can move them around as you please.